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HelmetEars make winter riding that little bit more bearable! Theycame about after a particularly cold snap in 2012. It was bitter and an icy wind just cut through me. Cold wind going past my ears gives me earache and the combination of these things made the prospect of riding very unattractive despite it being my main passion. So I came up with these and after lots of work on the sewing machine, test riders testing, and finding a manufacturer, this is what we have. HelmetEars™. It was surprising what a huge difference having warm ears made. we have branched out to some additional items and hope to increase our product range as we grow.

The rate charged for the shipping of your order is based on the weight of your products, and your location. Before the final checkout page you will be shown what the cost of shipping will be, and you will have a chance to not place your order if you decide not to.

Single items are usually £1.50 and an additional 50p for each additional item in the order.

Shipping within the EU and Republic of Ireland will cost – £3.50 (standard rate) + 50p (per each additional item)